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Takin' Care Of Business, 1/28 - Being An Empathetic Listener

FRESNO, Calif. (KMPH) -

Great Day's workplace expert, Louise Bauer Davoli, visited to talk about the importance of being an empathetic listener in the workplace.

An empathetic listener is someone who can demonstrate concern form whoever they are listening to. Somebody that can demonstrate the perspective, and feelings and thoughts of another person.

Reasons it can be difficult to be an empathetic listener:

   * Competitive nature
   * Being distracted by cell phones and texts
   * We want to command the conversation and show how much we know
   * Being impatient, not a good listener


   * Be open and curious about others
   * Be teachable
   * Focus on others, turn off cell phone, make eye contact
   * Be understanding of others

Louise says one good thing is being an empathetic listener is teachable, so it's never too late to learn.

If you have a workplace question for Louise, email GreatDay@KMPH.com and put "Takin' Care of Business" in the subject line.

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