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Shooter Guns Down Dog In Madera: Was It Thrill Kill?

MADERA, Calif. (KMPH) -

Recently a cute white Pekinese dog was shot and killed in the front yard of his home in Madera.  No one saw it happen because the shooting occurred around three o'clock on Friday morning January 10th.

Now a four year old Madera girl keeps waiting for her dog to come home.  But her Mother Mercedes Ontiveros doesn't have the heart to tell Zoey that their dog was shot and killed.

Zoey loved hanging out with her dog named Cee–lo Brown.  Her Mom said they were pals.  "He was always around everywhere.  And everybody knew him and everybody played with him and everything."

On the second Friday morning of this month a heartless person took aim with a gun at the little Pekinese.  Mercedes says one shot killed him.  "I don't know how to tell her he got shot.   I just told her he ran away and she thinks he's coming back.  She keeps asking, Mom when is he coming back?  How is he gonna do it without his dog house?"

After the shooting Mercedes posted a flyer in the neighborhood and gave the person who shot the dog a piece of her mind.  It reads, "To the blank who shot my daughter's dog and breaking a four year old's heart.   You must feel really good about yourself, shooting an innocent dog."

Mercedes Ontiveros didn't file a report with police but her family would like to see the person brought to justice.   The group Friends of the Animal Shelter in Madera is offering a 500 dollar reward in hopes of catching the person who shot the cute little lap dog.


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