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Don't Cheat On Your Spouse With Your Holiday Spending

For many Americans, the holidays can lead to overspending and this can cause problems in your relationships.

Relationship experts call it "Financial Infidelity" - when one spouse is not honest about spending.

Experts say this is common during the holidays when people buy things they can't afford or didn't budget for.

Experts say money is one of the most common causes for fights among couples, and can put a big a strain on a relationship.

That's why they say it's important to have a common financial plan during the holidays – so both spouses know what's expected of them when it comes to spending.

CNN relationship expert Joseph Grenny shared some tips to have a stress free holiday season with your partner.

First – talk, early. Grenny recommends talking early about a plan for holiday spending and setting limits.

Next, tackle the problem. Many times there is a bigger underlying problem that is leading to overspending. So, talk to your partner to try and identify that.

Next, talk with respect. Grenny says when you're communicating with your partner you must use love and support. This will avoid anyone from getting defensive.

And finally, hold each other accountable.

It's important that once you have a plan, you stick with it.

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