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No Fishing at Fresno's Woodward Park


Anna Laurel

"It has never happened here before and we were surprised and shocked."  That's how City of Fresno Parks, After School, Recreation, and Community Services Assistant Director Jerry Haynes describes the ordeal.

Two days ago, a local fisherman called the Fresno Parks Service with a complaint.

He says, "They personally saw a person throw granules in this lake.  And after they threw granules in they came back and the fish were dying in this lake.  And they came and took a net and scooped up all of the fish in the net and then they left."

The city called Fish and Game who collected water samples from the 3 Woodward Park ponds.

Now fishing is prohibited.  At least until officials know what,  if anything, could be wrong with the water.

Haynes says, "Trout fish require a lot of oxygen in the water.  And there are certain chemicals that you can put in the water to reduce the oxygen level and it won't damage or hurt the other wild life that's in the pond or around the pond.  There are still ducks out here.  If there was something more dangerous to people we would take more extreme measures."

Local fisherman Al Garcia says, "I feel very, very depressed.  I come out here, I don't really care if I catch a fish.  I just enjoy the scenery.  If I catch a fish, it's good, it's fun.  I can't believe that.  It's unbelievable."

He and his dog Vader are regulars out here.

Garcia says, "I'm thinking they're selling it, or maybe smoking it and selling the trout as smoked.  It's delicious when it's smoked."

Tonight his fish bucket sits empty.

He says, " If I seen them doing it I think I'd actually try to stop them.  I don't care if it was a couple guys.  Maybe write down their number."

And that's where investigators are.

Haynes says, "They seemingly have a good description of that person's car and they come here frequently.  So we're hopeful that person will be caught because they ruined it for all of us in Fresno."

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