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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Police Dog Bites Teen During Arrest

Fresno County Sheriff's Deputies say three teens went on a crime spree in 'Old Fig Garden.' More>>

Bold Blond Thief Steals Metal Bird In Hanford

A Hanford homeowner caught this woman on his security camera stealing a piece of lawn art on Wednesday  night.  He's hoping his neighbors will recognize the woman and contact Hanford Police. More>>

7.5 Earthquake Hits Mexico

A 7.5 earthquake hit coastal Guerrero, Mexico in Petatlan around 7:30 a.m. between Zihuatenejo and Acapulco. More>>

Caught On Tape: Vicious Beating Outside Fresno Bar

Fresno police are beefing up patrols after a vicious beating outside a bar was caught on camera. More>>

Valley's Newest Cash Crop: Wild Mushrooms

The Valley's newest cash crop appears to be wild mushrooms.  Sheriff's Deputies say in the past two days alone they've responded to four separate complaints of people picking mushrooms without permission. More>>

Top Ten Most Wanted: Man Accused Of Armed Home Invasion Arrested

One of Fresno's top ten most wanted criminals is behind bars. Police say Brain McCoy was part of a home invasion where a woman was held at gunpoint. More>>

Hit & Run Leaves Father Of 4 Paralyzed, Help Solve Crime!

A Fresno father of four is paralyzed from the waist down after a pickup truck hit him on his bicycle and then took off.


Bomb Threat Leads To Arrest In Fresno

Fresno police say a man walked into two businesses Thursday morning and said he had a bomb in his backpack and demanded money. More>>

Firetrucks Crash Near LA, One Through a Restaurant

Over a dozen people are now hurt after two southern California fire trucks crashed into each other. One of them went through a restaurant. Several people are in the hospital. More>>

Visalia Carjacking Suspects Found in San Luis Obispo

Visalia police have been looking for a woman's car after she was carjacked at a Target parking lot. Officers found that car Wednesday. The three teenagers accused of stealing it, are now in jail. The More>>

Caught on Camera: Women Accused of Taking $700 Worth of Perfumes

Clovis Police need your help right now to track down two women who were caught on camera stealing items from the ULTA beauty store Tuesday. The women did not take anything to enhance their looks. Officers More>>

Waiting To Die? Man Says Insurance Rejected Due To Obamacare

A Chowchilla man says he is in a life or death situation because of the 'Affordable Healthcare Act' or 'Obamacare'. More>>

Nevada Cattle Battle "Far From Over"

Tempers are a little cooler right now after a cattle dispute in Nevada. The Bureau of Land Management says Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy's cattle were grazing illegally on federal lands. Senate majority More>>

Former WWII POW's Celebrate The 90's

Former POW from World War II Jack Schwartz of Hanford is turning 99 this month.  Schwartz  along with two other former POW's were honored Wednesday with a birthday celebration at a Fresno restaurant.  More>>

Ceres Police: Body Found in Freezer

A body is found inside a freezer at an abandoned auto shop in the north valley. Investigators are trying to figure out who it is, and how the body got there.

Madera Citizens Take Down Possible Burglar

A group of innocent bystanders helped take down a burglary suspect in Madera.

Toddler Trapped Inside Stuffed Animal Claw Machine

A Nebraska toddler crawled inside a stuffed animal claw machine. More>>

Family Finds Dog Shot To Death, Second Dog Still Missing

Family Finds Dog Shot To Death, Second Dog Still Missing

A Fresno family is mourning the loss of two of their dogs. The family's pit-bull Isis, was found shot to death on the side of the road, while their second dog Porcha, is still out there.

Boston Strong: Sanger Man Returning to Marathon One Year Later

A Sanger man says he's not caving into the fear of another possible terror attack at this year's Boston Marathon. So, he's getting ready to run in the event again. "Runners don't quit. We're the toughest More>>

Blood Moon: KMPH FOX 26 News Viewers Capture It On Camera!

Stargazers got a glimpse of a rare treat Tuesday night, as a blood moon crossed the earth's shadow.


Dads Get PostPartum Depression Too

Women may not be the only ones feeling the blues after a baby. A new study finds young new fathers can develop symptoms of postpartum depression, too. More>>

Blood Moon Gazing Keeps Family Out of Burning Home

Firefighters are trying to figure out what started a fire that damaged a central Fresno home. The fire started just after 2 a.m. Tuesday on San Pablo and Home. Firefighters say the couple who lives there More>>

Beer Truck Overturns, Closes Lanes on Highway 41

Southbound Highway 41 backed up after a big rig filled with a load of beer overturned near Jensen Avenue Tuesday morning. More>>

Fire Department Hiring, Hoping to Make More Money

Fire Department Hiring, Hoping to Make More Money

Kingsburg's fire chief says his department needs to spend some money, to make some money. More>>

Tax Day Freebies

Today, April 15th is Tax Day. But it's not all bad news. Tax Day is also the day for discounts and freebies! Today Arby's is offering a free snack–sized order of curly fries. You must download a coupon More>>

Important Tax Day Reminders

Today is tax day. If you haven't done your taxes yet, you have to file before midnight in order to avoid any extra charges.

11 Seriously Hurt in Farm Labor Truck Crash Near Selma

As many as six people are seriously hurt after a crash between a car and a farm labor truck near Selma at Nebraska Avenue and Academy. This intersection is closed as emergency crews, including a medical More>>

Valley Drought 2014: Fresno State Tries To Cut Water Usage

As "Valley Drought 2014" continues many of us are trying to find ways to conserve water. At Fresno State the University just unveiled a plan to cut water usage by 60–million gallons. More>>

Veterans Get Ready For Central Valley Honor Flight

Dozens of local World War II veterans will soon be traveling to visit their memorial and other monuments in Washington, D.C.



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